Jenelle Evans And David Eason Display Bizarre Behavior In Alarming Video

You OK, Jenelle?

If you have gotten in trouble in the past and people have a hard time trusting you now, it can be hard to build that back up. Some people struggle more with certain parts of life, and one of those is Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. Her life has not been the easiest. She has struggled with addiction in the past, faced jail time, has been arrested more than a few times, and does not have custody of one of her kids.

She seems to be doing really great right now though. She’s married, has a few more kids, and is working(ish?) on her relationship with her mom. She seems to have left her addiction days behind her and seems really stable, working hard and loving on her kids.

Well, that was the case. It might not be anymore. Fans are worried about the health of the Teen Mom star after a SnapChat video hit the internet. The video, which features herself and her husband, David Easton, raises questions on if Jenelle Evans has fallen off the wagon.

And fans are really worried about Jenelle Evans and David Easton, too.

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