Jenelle Evans Cuts Her Best Friend Out Of Her Life For Good

Jenelle has a new enemy.

Jenelle Evans isn’t someone who has a lot of good influences around her. We know that. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be getting in the trouble that she always gets in to.

And if there’s one person who has always popped in and out of her life (and not in a good way), it’s her best friend Tori Rhyne. I mean, this is the same girl who was recently jailed for heroin possession and allegedly trying to sell photos of Jenelle’s daughter Ensley to the public! That is not what you call a good friend at all!

Well, it looks like Jenelle has finally seen the light of day and is doing the best thing she can. What’s more, she is also making her thoughts about her former best friend pretty clear on social media. And for anyone who has been following Jenelle throughout the years, they know that when she’s got something to say, she lets it all out. Jenelle isn’t the kind of person to hold back.

So what does she think of Tori and her latest shenanigans? You’d be surprised to find out. Here’s what we know so far.

Jenelle is cutting out Tori for good… but is Tori aware of it?

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