Jenelle Evans And David Accused Doing Illegal Things At The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Show Brawl

Here we go again!

    Jenelle Evans just can’t stay out of trouble, now can she? The reality television star along with her husband David are once again being accused of drug use during a Teen Mom 2 reunion brawl.

    This is something that we’ve heard so many times in the past, now haven’t we? Same story, different day. As much as Jenelle Evans would like for her fans to think that she has changed throughout the years, there’s no evidence that suggests so. And these recent accusations sure aren’t doing her any favors, either.

    Apparently, things got so bad that even Jenelle’s baby daddy Nathan and his mom said that the MTV star was acting very, very weird during the reunion taping. As a matter of fact, things got so bad that Jenelle and her co-stars got into an explosive fight. Eyewitnesses say that it was so bad that it looked like an old episode of Jerry Springer. Yikes.

    Apparently, the drama started when Nathan’s current girlfriend hugged Jenelle’s estranged mother, Barbara, which didn’t leave her too pleased.

    Because if Jenelle isn’t hugging her mama, then no one is hugging her mama.

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