Jenelle Evans Called 911 Accusing Her Mother Of Abusing Jace

Will this family ever find peace?

All Teen Mom 2 fans want for Christmas is for Jenelle Evans to finally find some peace with her mother Barbara.

Jenelle Evans has long contended that she deserves to regain custody of oldest son, Jace, from her mother Barbara. She even accuses her mom of tricking her in to signing over custody in the first place in her book Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom.

The estranged mother-daughter duo finally reached a custody agreement over the summer that naturally played out in an episode of Teen Mom 2. Despite Jenelle’s wish to regain the full custody of Jace that she had initially turned over to Barbara back in 2011, she was denied.

At the time of the ruling, Jenelle told E! News she’ll get Jace on weekends, holidays and over the summer.  Jenelle, who is also mom to Kaiser and Ensley, vowed that one day she will have her son back with her full time and admitted she will never forgive her mother for putting her through so much.

“I’m not forgiving my mom for this, and I will never forgive her for this,” she said during an episode of Teen Mom 2 discussing the custody case. “I will not consider her as my mom anymore, and I will consider her as Barbara now. She has completely ruined our f**king relationship.”

Things don’t look like they’re ever going to get better between the mother and daughter especially after it was revealed that Jenelle Evans recently made a 911 call alleging that her mother was assaulting her son.

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