How Jeannie Gaffigan Found Her Brain Tumor Is An Important Reminder For All Moms

"I figured I had the flu."

I try not to think about it, but one of my fears is getting really sick and my kids having to watch me struggle. Not being able to be active in their day and watch them grow up is scary, but it’s a reality for so many warrior moms who are fighting against things like tumors and cancer and ongoing illness. One mom, Jeannie Gaffigan, who is an amazing comedian and writer, married to Jim Gaffigan, knows this battle after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

As previously reported, Jeannie Gaffigan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and fans rallied around her and her family as she navigated surgery, treatment, and battling back to herself.

“Two weeks ago an MRI revealed @jeanniegaffigan had a large tumor around her brain stem that was life threatening,” her husband shared with his fans early last year. “After nine hours of urgent surgery the tumor was completely removed. She is now recovering at home. We thank you for your continued prayers.”

I'm coming back! Thanks for your prayers. I'm alive!

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Jeannie has been slowly, but steadily returning to health and she’s opening up about how she found out she was dealing with a brain tumor. Her story is scary and it holds a really important message for parents when it comes to their own health.

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