This Daughter Feels Jealous Over Her Much Skinnier Mother

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I’ve never felt the need to compete with my mother, considering that we are 25 years a part and she is my mother, but for some people, they just can’t shake off feeling jealous about their parent. 30-year-old Daisy Buchanan has recently revealed that she has always been jealous of her mother Anne’s slim figure, even though she’s 56. She says that because of her mom, she developed bulimia due to her disillusionment about her weight until she started making radical changes in her life.

According to the Daily Mail, Daisy says that while she loves her mother, she couldn’t help but feel jealous about her and her faster metabolism, compared to her “elderly arthritic tortoise” one.

She wrote:

My mum Anne is a size eight and has always been slender, despite giving birth to my five sisters and me. She’s 56, has never dieted and never seemed to gain any excess weight during her pregnancies. She loves cooking and eating, and is proud of her appetite.

One year, on holiday in France, she kept making a silly joke about being ‘as fat as a barrel’ because she loved a local pate so much. We all laughed hard, mainly at the idea of Mum carrying any extra pounds. But as a 12-year-old wearing a size 14 I felt angry and envious. Mum would never know how humiliating it felt to wear clothes bigger than your age.”

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