Jay-Z Gives Candid Answer When Asked If He Would Forgive Beyonce For Cheating On Him

Beyonce Released an Entire Album About Jay-Z's Indiscretions

Jay-Z and Beyonce are undoubtedly one of the world’s most talked-about celebrity couples. Individually, they are each a powerhouse superstar. But together, they’re the king and queen of their own empire. We’ve followed along as they got married, had Blue Ivy, had twins. But the drama of the last couple of years, and the release of Beyonce’s incredible album “Lemonade”, have opened up the notoriously private couple’s life to the public. Who could forget that elevator video of Solange beating the crap out of Jay-Z? And when “Lemonade” dropped, you couldn’t help but wonder about the state of their seemingly infallible union.

In a recent interview with Van Jones, Jay-Z opened up about his marriage, and touched on some of the rockier times of the past couple of years. Listen, marriage isn’t easy! Yes, it is made exponentially harder when infidelity is involved. But for a lot of people, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. And plenty of couples fight their way back from the brink to save their relationship. It’s refreshing to see such a powerful, famous couple acknowledge that their relationship is far from perfect. Especially since we’re so used to seeing celebrities slip in and out of marriage like it’s the newest trend in shoes.

Jay-Z was definitely more candid than we’re used to seeing from him…

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