Jason Bateman is Getting Ready for Good Sleep with the Revolutionary So-Ro Cradle!

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One of America’s favorite (& busiest) daddy actors, Jason Bateman, along with wife Amanda Anka, are getting ready for baby number 2! And hopefully he is more prepared now for those sleepless newborn nights, especially with the announcement that “Arrested Development” will be coming back to TV!
The adorable couple is said to have placed a recent order of a So-Ro Cradle.  While this new cradle to launch in the US isn’t the least expensive on the market, we are loving its contemporary solid European design! Most importantly, we adore its forward-and-backward rocking motion, which is said to help soothe a baby more than the typical side-to-side motion of most cradles.
Time to get a little-bit technical with it!
Designer Ane Lillian Tveit was a student of occupational therapy at the University of Oslo, Norway. In neurology classes, she learned about how the human brain perceives motion, and gives adequate response to the stimuli from the surroundings.
Ane discovered that most cradles in the current market rock side-to-side, which stimulates a circular motion for the infant in the cradle. When the brain perceives this motion, it automatically gives response through the nervous system, which feels like dizziness, and for sensitive children even nausea.

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