Japan Now Has a ‘My Little Pony’ Cafe That Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True!

My Little Pony hit the kids toy section in 1982 ~ I was 13 and I will never forget I really, really wanted one. My aunt actually bought it for me, even though I was probably 4 years older than the age range.

For a limited time, Harujuku, Japan will have its very own My Little Pony-themed cafe. The restaurant is serving up colorful dishes with pictures of ponies  right on the food. Diners can enjoy ponies both new and old, with characters from generations one and four.

Themed food and  menus, there’s also a giant mural on the back wall and cut-outs to pose with, and pony dolls and stuffed animals are scattered around the establishment. Before you leave, you can also buy themed merchandise like notebooks and keychains.

Will you go?


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