Jamie Lynn Spears Shares A Photo Of Maddie On The 1-Year Anniversary Of Her ATV Accident

It's a miracle she's doing as well as she is.

One year ago, Jamie Lynn Spears’ life was rocked when her daughter, Maddie, got into an accident. Her 8-year-old daughter nearly lost her life after crashing an ATV into a pond and being submerged in the water for several minutes. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare as she sat back and watched emergency responders try to free her daughter from under the water.

When they were finally able to get her back on to land, she was air-lifted to the hospital and began the massive and scary fight for her life. Her mom was beside her every step of the way as she watched doctors and nurses do their best to save her life. Not knowing how or if she was going to come out of it at the end. Her 8-year-old daughter remained unconscious for two days. Her prognosis was uncertain and family, friends, and fans all over prayed for the best outcome for her little girl, hoping she would pull through.

Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister to Britney Spears, launched into fame on her hit TV show Zoey 101. She dropped out of the spotlight for a while after shocking everyone and announcing that she was pregnant. Just 16-years-old at the time, it was a surprise to many fans and parents. The star took a step back from the Hollywood lights and took the time to focus on being a new mom to her little girl.

But, flash forward to 8 years later, the star did a one-hour TLC special to show how far she’s come and what happened to her after fading away for a while to raise her daughter. She became headline news again when she asked for prayers following Maddie’s accident.

And fans rallied.

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