Jamie-Lynn Sigler Has Exciting News to Share With Her Fans!

When I first found out that I was pregnant with my daughter well over a decade ago, I was shocked. I simply couldn’t believe the results, as I wasn’t expecting it at the time. I clearly remember going to my local CVS store and spending at least $100 on several different pregnancy test kits. I mean, those things aren’t always accurate, right? You need to take at least five tests in a row to make sure you’ve got the right result. Ok, maybe not give, but if there’s one celebrity mama that knows what I’m talking about, it’s Jamie Lynn-Sigler.

The Hollywood actress recently shared a hilarious photo that she sent to her husband. And it’s one that I’m sure we can all relate, too!

Jamie Lynn Sigler
Credit: Instagram@jamielynnsigler

Jamie-Lynn proves that she’s just like us!

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