James Corden Told His Wife’s Nurse That Their Newborn Baby’s Name Is Beyonce

Wait, what? Do we have another Beyonce in this world?

James Corden is a funny man. We know that. As a matter of fact, we can go as far as saying that he is one of the funniest guys on late night television right now. The man is a riot and in a very clever way, too. We love his carpool karaoke segments and we also love his great repertoire with some of our favorite celebrities. And he also knows how to tell a good joke or two!

With that being said, we can’t tell if James Corden’s latest joke is for real or if he’s pulling a fast one on us. The late night television host and his wife Julia Carey recently welcomed their third child together. And if we are to believe the reports, the couple gave their daughter a rather unique celebrity-inspired name. James apparently told the nurse at the hospital that their newborn daughter’s name is Beyonce.

Um, say what now?

I don’t think the world can handle two Beyonce’s at one time. In fact, I don’t think the universe can handle more than just one Beyonce. James Corden has some serious explaining to do because we don’t know what’s going on here.

So what is James Corden and Julia Carey’s daughters name?!

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