This Little Girl Is Allergic To Her Own Tears And Her Parents Are Worried About Her Future

As a matter of fact, she’s allergic to water altogether.

Ivy Angerman is your typical sweet and adorable toddler. If you didn’t know her story, you would think that she is just another cutie pie preschooler who loves all the same things that kids her age do, sing, play and watch everyday. To some extent, she is. But she also has a terrible allergy that is seriously life threatening.

Ivy Angerman is allergic to water. She’s even allergic to her own tears. Her sweat even causes a reaction. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ivy’s parents have taken cellphone videos to show their daughter’s severe reactions during bath time. Her allergy has gotten so bad that 15-second baths leave her with rashes, hives and blisters and worst of all, excruciating pain.

It sounds like an awful nightmare, doesn’t it? I mean, I couldn’t imagine having to stay away from water or having to control my kids so that they would have to stay away from water, too. You need it to not only shower, but to drink, to brush your teeth, to go swimming, to play in the sprinklers, and heck, even to mop your floors. The list goes on and on with all the everyday uses we have for water.

Here’s Ivy and her story.

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