Ivivva Summer Festival Hit Los Angeles!

My daughter is extremely active.  She loves to swim, hike, and play baseball as well as act and play the drums, it keeps her very fit and busy.    I was extremely excited when ivivva invited us to their Coast to Coast Summer Festival at the Santa Monica Pier!  This awesome festival connects girls through movement and empowers them to dream big!

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The event was filled with professional hair braiders and tribal art. The girls had the chance to do some fun acrobat work and yoga … They saw and learned how to do a flash dance and got to see the Laker Girls – They also got to Shop!!!


My daughter who is only 7 especially liked the sports bras, because it means she can run without a tee shirt over it 🙂 She also loved the ivivva special tank.  ivivva is a word meant to embody the strength and beauty in all girls and is inspired by active girls just like my daughter.
ivivva is created by the same people as lululemon so you know they will be high quality.  Their clothes come in sizes 6-14.  You can shop online or find the store nearest you at www.ivivva.com.
I just love that ivivva is co-created with girls!  Their designers listen to young girls’ feedback and ideas and design what they need.


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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