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Suzanne Brockman is a woman with an incredible voice. Not only does she have the talent of a well-skilled storyteller, as shown in her New York Times Best Selling Troubleshooter Series, Suzanne has a voice within the Gay/Lesbian Community that people stop to hear. As a proud card-carrying member of Parents, Family, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (www.PFLAG.com), this straight-shooter and her husband, Ed, stand proud and side-by-side with their son, Jason. They want to reach out to those parents and children out there who are learning how to live healthy, happy lives as in the gay and lesbian community.

Your son Jason, is a gay man. You mentioned he tipped off your gaydar early in life. Can you explain?

I knew Jason was gay when he was three. I just knew.
He was such a funny, gentle, special little kid. Like most little kids, he was completely asexual. And yet I was pretty darn sure that when he grew up he’d identify as gay, and that he’d be faced with having to “come out” to us, his family and friends.

Did it scare me? A little, sure. At the time (1988), I hadn’t given much thought to what being gay meant. At the time, I didn’t have any out gay friends. (That has changed!) I worried about the harshness of the world — caused by the hatred and fear of ignorant people — and how it would affect Jason’s chances at finding happiness in his life.

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