It’s Not Just Postpartum: Now Moms Are At Risk From Getting ‘Maternal Depression’ Too


Have you ever felt like you’re simply losing yourself when it comes to juggling motherhood with the day-to-day stresses you deal with while trying to run a family and pay the bills at the same time? Well, I’m sure that you know you’re not alone, because plenty of parents feel the same way. In fact, a new report says that more mothers are dealing with “maternal depression” now than ever before, as the intense sadness that sometimes comes with postpartum depression simply doesn’t go away.

I know it’s difficult to write “mom” and depression” in the same sentence, but it happens. In fact, a study in the journal BJOG suggests that depression is actually more common four years after giving birth than at any other time during the first year. Here’s a little more on the case from Fox News:

Women who have previously had postpartum depression, a depressive episode at another time during their lives or a family history of depression are all at risk, too. Although it’s rare, women who have none of the risk factors and are seemingly happy can also develop maternal depression.

For starters, lack of sleep and physical and mental exhaustion even during the toddler and preschool years can affect a mom’s ability to produce “feel-good hormones.”

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