It Was a Normal School Report Card Letter. Until They Read the Last Sentence…


I remember one particular day from 1989 like it was yesterday. I was 9-years-old and in the 3rd grade and it was the third quarter of the school year. I opened up a canary-colored envelope that held a piece of paper that had my grades in it. Everything was fine until I scrolled through my A’s and B’s to see my very first C on my report card. I was so devastated by the grade that I could remember just lying down on the floor and thinking that my world was flipped upside down. Having a C on my report card meant that I wasn’t on the Honor Roll and that I could kiss my dreams of getting a Dance Club Barbie set goodbye.

But you know what, I was determined and that was the first and last C grade I got in elementary school (because I’m not going to lie that middle school was a whole different ball game). Either way, I wasn’t discouraged by my bad grade, in fact, I knew I wanted to make it better.

Yet, there are schools out there that think giving fake grades to children will help make them better students. And no, that sentence is not one long typo. One school in Inwood, New York is offering faux report cards to help boost their students’ self-esteem.

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