It Looks Like There’s Another Big Duggar Feud Brewing

Someone should have kept their mouth shut

The Duggar family used to be the wholesome family we all would watch and feel kind of bad about yourself. They seemed to have their whole household together, there was a system in place to make sure the laundry got done, there was always groceries in the house, clothes fit the children, and they even went to their dental appointments to get cleanings and they all went together.

Well so much has changed in the years since they first came on air. There have been scandals after scandals, kids growing up, moving out and getting married. We got to know some of the extended members of the Duggar family before their show was canceled and taken off the air. And we’re getting to know the rest on their spin-off show, Counting On, and of course through social media.

It’s surprising that some of the new members of the large family are pretty outspoken. It’s not a surprise that they’re religious and hold some strong views that way, but there’s one person who is not afraid to use their social platform to share their own religious beliefs — sometimes to the detriment of the family as a whole.

And that’s what went down recently — and it looks like there’s a new feud brewing.

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Devan McGuinness

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