It Is Time We Have A Phone-Free Bedroom Policy For A Happy Marriage!!

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The other day my husband and I spent a pizza and ice cream date with our kids and he couldn’t help but point out each time I reached for my phone in my bag. Now, it wasn’t that I was checking my phone for e-mail or social media updates, but each time I had a question or someone buzzed me on my smartwatch I couldn’t help but pick up my phone to google an answer or simple see who was calling me. And according to the hubster, I was doing so every five minutes.

Now, I don’t want to say that I’m addicted to my phone BUT it really is hard keeping away from it throughout the day (and considering that I’m a freelance writer I’m always looking at my phone for breaking news, too). Still, I can be the first to admit that I could definitely use less of my smart devices in my life so I can better pay attention to my loved ones.

One person who definitely agrees with me is Scary Mommy blogger Jennifer Meer who says that if there’s one place that our phones should be banned, it’s in the bedroom. And I completely agree.

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