Is There A ‘Right’ Age To Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced?

Everyone has an opinion about what we do with our kids, don’t they? First, let me just say that I personally don’t care about when you choose to pierce your child’s ears. I waited until my daughter was about 5 and she asked me to do it, but I know many people, friends and family alike that had their infants ears pierced and their toddlers. I’m not a fan of having babies ears pierced but that’s why I didn’t pierce my baby’s ears. I’m all for you deciding what’s best for your child!

British socialite and model Katie Price, who also goes by Jordan, is receiving a lot of critical backlash after piercing her one year old daughter Bunny’s ears.


Gorgeous Bunny bops ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

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Bunny, who is Katie’s daughter with her husband Kieran Haylor, defended her decision by saying that it’s part of his Spanish heritage tradition, which is why she did it. She confirmed that her 8 year old daughter Princess with ex-husband Peter Andre doesn’t have her ears pierced because Andre wasn’t a fan.

“I’ve got two kids, Princess really wants her ears pierced. Because me and Pete split up we asked him and he said ‘I’d rather she didn’t’ so I would only want to do it if he agreed to.

“So I asked Kieran and he agreed.”


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