Is Mama June Gaining Her Weight Back Already?

Whenever I lose a couple of pounds I almost immediately celebrate by eating something that will help put the weight back on me (like instantly, too). I know it’s horrible but I have this terrible mindset in thinking that I can enjoy a couple extra Hershey Kisses at night simply because my jeans fit me a little better. In other words, I totally suck at dieting and that’s why my weight has always been up and down for years.

It looks like Mama June Shannon is in the same boat here. But her situation is far more different as she’s reportedly spent over $50,000 in multiple surgeries to help her shrink down to a size 4. And now there’s new speculation that she might be throwing in the towel already. I would hate to see gain all of her weight back especially since she’s been working so hard to maintain her healthier lifestyle. But it looks like that might be the case here.

Mama June Shannon
Credit: WE tv

Is Mama June not committed to losing weight?

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