Is it Safe to Color your Hair while Pregnant?

Is it Safe to Color your Hair while Pregnant?

By: Meri Scals

By far one of the most asked questions in the salon industry today. We thrive on maintaining a trendy and fashionable look for the workplace which lets face it, is where most women are today. And even if they are not, everyone likes to look good and be well groomed. So to answer the question, here is my professional opinion, first and foremost follow your doctor’s instructions, second follow your gut and own personal feelings on this choice.

The facts and findings are as follows:

1. To date there is no concrete evidence on this topic through studies or research to prove that any type of hair coloring is unsafe.

2. In the past 23 years in the industry many colorists and stylists have continued to color their hair while pregnant, primarily due to the knowledge of the variety of different procedures available in color application.

3. There are a number of choices available today in hair coloring, including but not limited to off the scalp hi-liting, non aggressive demi-colors, rinses and so many more.

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