Is DTLA’s Skyslide Worth The Price?

When I heard Los Angeles was opening Skyslide, on the side of the US Bank Building, 1,000 ft high above downtown LA,  my son and I couldn’t wait to try it out, we’ve visited the SkyBox in Chicago, the Empire State Building, taken on the huge waterslides of Atlantis, in the Bahamas,  and just about every theme park in between… Thrill rides if you will, are our ‘thing’….


[ad type=”above-image-1″]U.S. Bank Tower with Skyslide

U.S. Bank Tower with Skyslide

Now, I love the concept of creating a destination attraction in the heart of Los Angeles, and the decor and execution was flawless, they thought of everything from valet parking to the strategically placed gift shop.  QUE was clean, beautifully designed and well organized and staffed.  My only let down was well, the ‘slide‘ itself, yes it was cool to be encased in glass sliding on the outside of a building….like this bad pun attempt, it ‘fell short’, you only slide from the 70th-69th floor and it was over in seconds…not sure it commanded the $33 per person price tag….

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Photo Credit ~ Hot Moms Club

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