Invisalign: 10 Facts You Want To Know!!!

Invisalign: 10 Facts You Want To Know!!!!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I received complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own. What do you think?

  1. How Much Does Invisalign cost? This will vary according to your provider and individual plans. But, I read on Invisalign’s Cost page that it ranges from $3,500 to $8,000 in the US. Check out their calculator , it can really help you determine what it may be. You can also look at your dental insurance if you have it to see what they cover. Be sure to go to the Invisalign Smile Assessment to see if you are a candidate too! invisalign cost
  2. Do the aligners bother you? My very first set had some sharper edges and my dentist had me come in and they smoothed it out and always sent me home with dental wax which really helped. I had no other irritation or discomfort throughout the 13 months.
  3. How long do you wear them? I wore them as much as possible. It was about the suggested 22 hours. I was fortunate to go with the exact amount of trays projected and did not have to have my treatment go longer then planned.
  4. Can I eat or drink with them in? You may only drink water. Eating and drinking anything other than that is not allowed while wearing your aligners. But that’s not a problem, because they are easy to remove and the easy to open travel case fits in a small purse or handbag.
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