“Introducing Teddy” Is A Book That Wants To Teach Kids About The Transgender Community

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This wonderful (although sometimes complicated) world of ours is forever changing, which means we need to change too, in order to keep up with the times. The transgender community has made huge headlines this year, mostly thanks to celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, and now there are books that are helping teach our children about their world.

“Introducing Teddy” is a story about a little boy named Errol whose best friend is a teddy bear called Thomas. But Errol’s teddy bear says that she is a girl teddy bear, and she wants to be called Tilly.

Written by Jessica Walton, the book ends with Errol and Tilly doing all of the things they did at the start of the book, illustrating that the two are still the best of friends. It’s pretty simple, honestly. Tilly just says she is a girl, and her friends all react positively and they go on just like they always did. The book also illustrates that there’s no reason Errol can’t be best friends with Tilly once he knows she’s a girl.

“We felt that there must be more families out there with transgender grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins and friends who would appreciate a gentle, positive story with a transgender character,” Walton said about her book.

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