Instead Of A Traffic Ticket This Struggling Father Received New Car Seats For His Kids From Police

Officers Justin Gower and Cale Hawkins were out doing their routine patrol on a Saturday afternoon when they stopped a car at a gas station and noticed that the 3 children in the backseat, ages 1,3 and 4 were all without car seats. Obviously car seats are imperative to the safety of children travelling in cars, so this was a pretty big deal.

Officer Gower told KXAN news that “I was upset because it’s extremely dangerous. I have kids and I know how fragile they are, especially how young these kids were.” Officer Hawkins also said that he recognized the father because he had stopped him earlier in the month and knew that things were tight for him right now. The officer then decided that a ticket wouldn’t do anything to help this young father out and would probably only cause more financial hardship for him.

“They’re trying to get things going, they’re going in the right direction, and to issue them three citations for each child, would just devastate them,”

Instead, what the officers did next will melt your heart. Officers Gower and Hawkins, along with other some other fellow officers pooled their money and bought 3 new carseats for the family. “Money is not the issue, it’s the issue of can you help them, and so that was the easiest way we saw, the fastest path to helping them,” says Hawkins.

How amazing is that!? That is a true example of not only human kindness but of a local police force going above and beyond to keep those in their community safe.

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