Did You Know You Can Make Wine In Your Instant Pot?!

It's a true love story

Making Wine

I know, take a deep breath because this news is almost too good to be true. But it is true because we need something good in life and this is totally it.

One genius person figured out a way to combine two of our favorite things: the Instant Pot and wine. You don’t need to have any fancy sort of base either. The recipe calls for grape juice. Like the kind that you would give to your child to drink for lunch.

David Murphy is a food blogger and recipe developer and he has worked in the fine dining for over 20 years, according to Munchies. He has his own Instant pot and has been using it for a few months. Several months ago he saw a meme on Facebook asking why no one has figured out how to make wine in a crockpot using grapes.

Why hasn't someone figured out how to put grapes in the crockpot and have it turn into wine? It's like no one tries anymore.

He took that as a challenge and then one-upped it using the most one of the most popular kitchen appliances right now.

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Devan McGuinness

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