INSANITY! A FAST 20 min workout!

Its a new year and time to kick it off with a true body transformation!!!  With, Shaun T’s Insanity Fast And Furious. I partnered with Yahoo! Shine as a Yahoo! Get It Guide Insider to share my thoughts on this 20-minute workout!

It is clearly a high intensity in the shortest amount of  time workout with maximum effort and maximum sweat for maximum results!!

What do you need?  This is the best part ! Just a bottle of water, towel, and a clear mind!   Just a tip but… warm yourself up prior to starting the video because even the warm up is a little bit insane, you will start of with a  brisk jog and a stretch! Then there is no turning back!!!  Because  a high knee jog, moving ( yes moving) push-ups, crazy diamond jumps, mountain climbers, burpee push-up jacks, plank holds, and fast football feet.. While rocking out to Rock IN ROLL!

Get READY and GO!!! You will be amazed how you can get it all done so quickly


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