‘Infertile’ Woman ‘Dumped’ By Ex When He Found Out She Couldn’t Have Kids

This is yet another example of how you should never, ever give up.

Infertile woman was dumped by her boyfriend for well, being infertile. I mean, that has got to be the worst reason to pull the plug on a relationship with someone? As many women already know, struggling to get pregnant is one of the most difficult and gut-wrenching feelings in the world.

And to have your loved one kick you to the curb simply because you can’t get pregnant really does feel like an additional kick to the stomach.

According to Eleanor Copperthwaite, that’s exactly what happened to her after her boyfriend of ten years told her that he couldn’t be with her anymore simply because she couldn’t produce him any children. And no, this isn’t a story straight out of the middle ages.

This happened now, in 2018. Eleanor and her ex-partner broke up after she told him that she was infertile.

Yet, after they split, something truly amazing happened and it ended up changing Eleanor’s life forever. She definitely didn’t see this coming, nor did her ex. This just goes to show that good things do happen to those who wait, even if it takes years for it to happen.

Infertile woman gets the shock of her life after her ex dumps her.

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