Inducing Labor At Full Term May Be Best For Baby And Mom Health

Should mothers have more of a say?

    Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows about inducing labor. Some women are terrified at the prospect of their doctor having to induce labor. Most women would rather wait to go in to labor on their own. But a new study is showing that inducing labor may be safer.

    Most women would definitely prefer to go in to labor naturally and are willing to try some interesting things to induce labor on their own. We’ve all heard about drinking castor oil. There are some people that swear by certain recipes of certain foods. Almost everyone you know will have an old wive’s tale of some tried and true induction method! None of them ever worked for me!

    While due dates are normally pretty accurate, we know there is often some margin for error. I was always told that a doctor would let you go 10 days overdue before considering an induction. The reasoning was to allow for slight variations in due dates as well as to let the body go in to labor on it’s own, if possible.

    A new study is showing that induction may well be safer for the mother and the unborn child than waiting for labor to happen naturally.


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