Improve Your Posture for a Sexy Back

Poor posture stems from tight chest muscles and weak upper back muscles. Yoga is the perfect exercise to strengthen and stretch your muscles. Besides improved posture, a consistent yoga practice results in a sexy, toned back. Here are two yoga exercises to get you started towards improving your posture. ~Sara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP


1. Modified forward fold- Also known as a “heart opener” is a yoga based stretch which opens tight chest muscles and releases tension in the upper back. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. Interlace your fingers behind your back.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together. While keeping your fingers

Inter-laced, bend your knees and bow forward. Relax your head. Continue to

squeeze your shoulder blades. Take five deep breaths while focusing on

releasing the tension you’re carrying in your upper body. Slowly come back

to stand. Repeat two to three times.


2. Modified back bend- Is a yoga posture to strengthen the upper back muscles

and open up the chest muscles. Begin by laying on your back with your arms at

your sides. Bring your heals towards your buttocks with your toes pointing

forward.  Press down with your hands as you lift your hips up (your

shoulder blades should be as close together as possible). Tighten your

buttocks and upper thigh muscles. Keep your chin away from your chest. As

you take deep breaths focus on opening your chest while squeezing out

tension in your upper back. If you are fairly flexible bring your hands

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