The Importance Of A Couples “Get-A-Way”

10 Years, two kids, work, after school practices, a dog, two cats and no time to breathe! I know what it’s like to be in a marriage that sometimes feels like a roommate situation. No one wants their marriage to turn into that stale state of mind, but it’s so darn easy to do. My husband and I both try; we go out on date night, we try to hold hands if we are ever in the same place at the same time, we communicate every day, (mostly about our kids and our schedules) heck we even have sex. You know the kind, where I am tired but know how important it is to have it, so we do. What we don’t do or haven’t done in 10 years is ever “get away” together, just us, no kids, no work, no have to’s. Did I mention JUST US?

Even though we love each other very much, in the day to day monotony, we sometimes don’t like each other. The tolls of resentment start playing in the back of our minds slowly keeping score of who does more or who does what. Why can’t he just………? Why can’t she just…….. ? We forget how to fall in love again yet every relationship needs to fall in love over and over especially as we and our lives grow and change so rapidly.

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