Imagination Movers–Emerging from the Storm

IMAGINATION MOVERS – (from left) Scott Durbin as “Mover Scott,” Rich Collins as “Mover Rich” Dave Poche as “Mover Dave,” and (in front) Scott “Smitty” Smith as “Mover Smitty” star in “Imagination Movers” airing on Disney Channel. (DISNEY CHANNEL/BOB D’AMICO)

Imagine a natural force so massive, you fear for your life.

Now, imagine your house full of water and everything you own, lost.

Finally, imagine your dreams floating away in the flood waters and how you life would be forever changed.
The dream of becoming a family friendly rock group could have washed away with the waters of Hurricane Katrina in 2004. But for four guys, three of whom had lost their homes after the levees broke, the storm only made them more determined to succeed.

And their hard work has paid off.

Disney’s newest live-action show, Imagination Movers , debuts on the Disney Channel Saturday, September 6th.

Mover Scott , Mover Smitty , Mover Rich, and Mover Dave are the ones whose songs are going to get your child off the couch and dancing all over the room.
Not only are these guys musicians, but between them, they bring unique backgrounds which include teaching, search-and-rescue/fireman, architecture, English Literature, and journalism.

So how does a group like this get started?

Over birthday cake.

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