Image of Father With Sick Kid Goes Viral — Then It’s Misunderstood, Taken Down by Facebook!

When you hear “sick kid” your mind immediately jumps to a mother. Maybe she’s always at home, or maybe she’s a working mother who has to take the day to be with her ill child. Mothers are the “default parent” in many situations.

That, among other reasons, is why a touching picture a wife took of her husband with his sick child went viral.

Heather Whitten
Credit: Facebook/Heather Whitten

Hopefully you’ll see what we see, and question why it was removed from social media.

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Anna Gebert

Anna is a freelance writer whose name is spelled and pronounced just like the princess in Frozen. She unabashedly loves coffee, Chipotle, gardening, and rare moments of solitude. Follow her work on Hot Moms Club for a daily dose of humor, sprinkled liberally with sarcasm. Her Twitter handle is @avgebert

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