I'm Not Crazy…I've Got Twins-Gardening

I do love the gardening, though. In May. Oh, I get off to a great start, making the rounds to the local garden centers, buying cute new gardening gloves, choosing new perennials for the yard, adding in a few annuals for variety each year. Mostly I just like the gloves. So I get started, digging a little here, pulling a weed there, planting my new purchases, going back for the purple gloves instead of the pink, oh what the heck why not both? Then the temperature warms up, and I move inside to begin hugging the air conditioner. The plants may think warmer weather is good for them, but with me at their helm it is in fact the kiss of death. By the Fourth of July, mine are the loneliest, driest, sorriest little plants on the block.

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