The Ad For A New Ikea Crib Is Also A Pregnancy Test. Seriously.

Annnnd now we're gagging

Ikea, the Swedish-based home and furniture company, is well-known for its affordable, minimalist affordable products. Even though the company is the world’s largest furniture retailer, they’re not immune to gimmicky ads to get the attention of their consumers. The new ad for an Ikea Crib, however, might be the craziest one we’ve seen in some time.

The ad for the Sundvik crib looks innocent enough. It features a picture of the Ikea crib, styled with a blanket and mobile. The words above the crib read, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.”

That’s not a typo. Ikea actually wants anyone with a uterus to pee on their ad.

Okay, to be fair, they don’t actually want people to pee all over the advertisement. At the bottom of the full-page magazine ad is a strip that functions like a test. When a pregnant woman’s urine is placed on the strip, a discount coupon for the Ikea crib will magically appear on the page, just below the standard retail price.

The coupon drops the price of the crib down to $495, a discount of a little more than 50%. I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely pee on an ad to save five-hundred bucks.

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