If Your Husband Can’t Give You an Orgasm, He Needs to Watch This Video

Sometimes we just need a little refresher right? It is a new year and it would be great to be fully satisfied with your husband!

In the video below, Liz Plank interviews men on the street to find out if they’ve spent money on books about how to achieve a male orgasm, if they feel like they’ve locked the full potential of their penises, and if they had to struggle to figure out what they like in bed. Of course, they all say they haven’t spent money on that, they def have unlocked their full penis potential, and it wasn’t hard figuring out what they like in bed. Most women on the other hand obviously can’t say the same.

Plank then speaks with an instructor at a company called One Taste, which practices “orgasmic meditation,” which they say is a “consciousness practice that includes the genitals.” They say the practice is to have your partner stroke your vagina for 15 minutes with “no goal” and to spend that time tuning into what’s happening during the process. The couple in the video say the practice has been helpful to them, which makes sense because mindfulness of any kind is always helpful, especially in sex, which can often be more goal-oriented than it should be.


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