If we all threw our problems in one pile……

We would end up picking our own problems back! That’s what my mother used to tell me and she was right.  No matter how tough life seems to get, there are always people who have it tougher or more challenging then we do. This isn’t always easy to remember when life has you (excuse the expression) by the balls and everything seems to be going wrong, but the more grateful you become, the easier things become.

I just recently found out that a good friend of our family has been diagnoses with ALS. I had no idea how hard that would hit me, I think mainly because she is a mom! She has two kids, one entering High School and the other my son’s age, 11. He and my son have played baseball together for years and we have watched our kids grow up together. One thing that stood out in my mind when she told me she had ALS was that she believed her having this disease would help people keep things in perspective. She told me, “they could always switch places with me….” I think of her often and she reminds me to be grateful and keep things in perspective.  Hope you think of her too!  Something to think about.

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