Ice-T & Coco’s Newborn Baby Daughter Chanel Already Chilling With Her New Bodyguards, the Dogs – Precious!

OMG! Ice t and Coco are having so much fun as parents and sharing all these amazing photos with us!

Check it out.. Baby Chanel’s got herself two, furry adorable bodyguards.

Ice-T and Coco have been posting new photos of their newborn daughter and the latest, posted is shows her sleeping while nestled in a red blanket on a bed, snuggled up next to one of the couple’s English bulldogs, either Spartacus and Maximus.

The photo was shared on the Twitter and Instagram pages the pair runs for their pups Spartan and Max , as well as on social media pages the two had recently created for their baby.

“Watching over my new sister @babychanelnicole,” the caption read. “I’m real protective of anybody that comes close to her.”

“I feel real safe with my new bros @spartandmax…Max is real protective of anyone that comes close to me,” “Chanel” said. “I like them but they have smelly farts.”

Watching over my new sister @babychanelnicole I’m real protective of anybody that comes close to her

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