Husbands Who Are Absolutely WINNING at Marriage

Marriage and long-term relationships are hard. There are many times where we’re sitting there scratching our heads wondering WTF our partner was thinking. The say men are from mars and women are from Venus and given the amount of times many of us have been left confused by their actions – it’s a very fitting phrase.

Social media has amplified the ways husbands act that make us all realize many of us are frustrated together. But, there are times where they do right. Where your husband shows he understands the whole marriage game and even times where they’re peek perfection.

Here are some husbands who have realized winning is more fun and these guys are definitely winning.

1. The time this guy made a pillow case for his lady. Guessing you probably saw that his whole face is on it.

winning husband
Credit: Reddit / hamleteatsoatmeal

2. This husband who nurtures his wife’s love of Star Trek… we hope?

winning husband
Credit: Reddit / amosfargus

3. This guy who didn’t disappoint when his wife asked for his help in the kitchen. We have a feeling she asked him to stir, it was taking too long, so he handled it differently.

winning husband
Credit: Reddit / Lilaflockensocke

4. “I leave early for work so my husband dresses our daughter for preschool. Day #3 shirt.”

winning husbands
Credit: Reddit / aubra_cadabra

5. Guy who decided to handle the RSVP in a way only a man could think was right. 

winning husband
Credit: Reddit / JennyGloc

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