This Husband Is Pressuring His Wife to Stop Breastfeeding So She’ll ‘Lose Weight’

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Being a mom is hard work. I don’t need to tell you that but that is sometimes surprising news for new moms because there’s more to it than it looks. Being pregnant on its own is exhausting and then going through labor and having this little person who just screams and lays there, it’s hard. Then you have your body which looks completely different and all the pressures of society to look a certain way can be like a dark cloud above your head.

But taking care of a new baby, focusing on bonding, resting, and recuperating your energy and healing after the long pregnancy, labor, and birth should be your main focus. You should’t have to worry about “snapping back” to your pre-pregnancy body and any pressures to do so should be kept far from your thoughts. You have enough to worry about — like getting breastfeeding going and finding time to sleep.

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Breastfeeding comes with its own struggles, too, and if you’ve decided that breastfeeding is something you’re going to do, you’ve got some odds stacked against you. You’re sleep deprived, your healing, and breastfeeding — which its totally natural — doesn’t always come naturally. The very last thing you need are those two pressures combining together — trying to figure out breastfeeding and worrying about your post-pregnancy shape.

For one mom those pressures came at her hard and all at the hands of her husband.

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