Husband writes moving message on mirror for wife struggling with depression

One woman who’s been battling depression says her new husband “seems to get the whole ‘for better, for worse’ thing.”

Imgur user mollywho shared this  in the form of a message he wrote on their bedroom mirror.

The amazing note that featured a list of 15 reasons why  he loves her, because he was meant to help her see herself the way he sees her.

Some amazing parts from this loving list include, “she is my best friend,” “she’s the kindest person I know” and “she snorts when she laughs.”

Mollywho wrote with in her article/post that she’s been through a lot of difficulties lately, including balancing work, being a newlywed, penny-pinching and difficulty with friends. Her husband’s note was just what she needed to see.

“[A]midst all the struggle, my husband has relentlessly tried to cheer me up,” she wrote. “I’ve not been the easiest person to deal with. In fact, sometimes I’ve lost all hope and even taken my frustration out on my new husband. But he somehow forgives me every time. I have a long journey ahead of me, and I know he probably realizes I’m depressed. But he holds my hand, and he tries his best.”

This is just beautiful !

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