Wife Reacts After Husband Suggests Naming Baby After His Ex

Could this be a ground for divorce?

I’m not vain. I come from a large family, have many friends but I’ve never had a baby named after me. It has been suggested a couple of times. Two of my cousins mulled over the idea of naming baby – their firstborns no less – Marissa, after me.

I was deeply honored. Who wouldn’t be? But, I must admit that I was a little disappointed when neither child was given my name. In the end just knowing that my name was on the shortlist was enough to make me feel special. (I’m easily pleased.)

It goes without saying that naming your kid is a pretty big deal. I’ve even written a book about it and – aside from the meaning of your child’s name – if you give them a moniker that’s a nod to someone else you’d better make damn sure that you like that person. I have a friend for example who’s the daughter of teachers and they struggled to find a name that wasn’t one of their many (bratty) students.

But one husband is testing his wife’s patience by suggesting they give their kid an unusual name. It’s not the type of name that’s causing her concern. It’s whom he wants to name the child after that’s making her worry.

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Marissa Charles

Born and raised in London, Marissa Charles is an award-winning journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines around the world. Her work has appeared in publications in the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa and France. She loves writing about health, fitness, celebrities, true crime and human-interest stories Her byline has appeared in a variety of publications, including EBONY, the Daily Mail Online, The Guardian, Essence, the New York Post, Salon.com, Cosmopolitan.com, Elle.com and British Glamour. Marissa currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She has no children yet but is a proud – and at times embarrassing – godmother.

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