Husband Makes Fun Of His Wife’s Makeover And Gets Dragged By The Internet

He won’t be making these same comments anymore.

Husband: it’s a role that is very important in life. As a husband, your someone who plays an important role in your marriage and your family. You’re a partner who is supposed to be for your significant other, through thick and thin.

And apparently, it’s also someone who likes to crack jokes at someone else’s expense, too.

To be honest, my husband and I have the same sense of humor. And we do like to poke fun at each other by pointing out our flaws, our weight gain, and even the way we look in bed before the sun comes out. But that’s because we have been with each other for over 15 years and are comfortable in our relationship. But should any of us cross the line, that’s when the buck stops. There’s a huge difference when you are laughing with each other and laughing at each other. Just ask one husband from West Virginia who got dragged by the internet for making fun of his wife’s makeover. His wife looked beautiful, but unfortunately his comments were downright ugly and pretty mean, too. Here’s what happened.

This man got slammed by the internet for making fun of his wife’s appearance.

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