Hugh Jackman Talks Fatherhood at Exclusive Moms & The City Event!

Moms and The City …  Denise Albert, Raina Seitel, and Melissa Gerstein hosted a private screening of Hugh Jackman’s new film REAL STEEL, and gathered a diverse bunch of moms and bloggers for an exclusive roundtable with Hugh Jackman.
The charming actor/super dad greeted the small group of moms and *one* dad at Disney Offices to discuss his new forthcoming film- Real Steel; an intoxicating film set in the near future, featuring fighting giant robots- which is a popular organized sport, and a test of a father & son relationship– a bit of a tear jerker.
Hugh came out in a sharp suit and tie and was unbelievably down-to-earth and gracious. Denise Albert of Moms and The City started with questions and Hugh began to speak candidly about being a father. For Hugh, family comes first, and the idea of moving his kids around or traveling during the school year to work on a film isn’t appealing to Hugh.
So what’s the solution for a busy Hollywood HOT Dad? Jackman  worked it out to shoot Real Steel in the summertime, starting in June and wrapping in September– just in time for his two children to go back to school. Now that’s dedication!
“I’m a father first, I love acting, but not that much. I want to be with my family”.
In the film Hugh shows off some boxing moves, which he credits to Michael Olajide Jr, owner of Aerospace Gym in the meatpacking district of NYC. “It’s the best way to stay in shape, it literally works your whole body”, he says of his conditioning routine, which keeps him lean and mean.
Hugh is currently in rehearsals, and will be on Broadway in October; that gives him time to be an active father and dedicated husband…as if we needed another reason to love the uber domestic Hugh Jackman.

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Latham Thomas is a graduate of both Columbia University, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is a certified holistic health counselor and nutritionist, who mixes her passions of plant physiology, botany, holistic nutrition, fitness, yoga, green cuisine, and birth, into a lifestyle program that supports the various needs of her clients.

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