How to Plan a Multifamily Vacation

How to Plan a Multifamily Vacation

By Cynthia Hanson

How to plan a multifamily vacation.Wish you had more time to spend with your best friend or your family members? Try a multifamily vacation! These group getaways are a growing trend — the travel industry calls them “togethering.” They’re a chance to kick back and share adventures with pals and relatives, plus they reduce the costs of lodging.

But meshing two families’ travel styles isn’t always easy. Disagreements can arise over everything from schedules to choosing whether to hike or shop. “Group needs compete with personal needs, so you won’t get to do everything you want on a multifamily vacation,” says Matthew Purinton, a family therapist with the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia.

Before you start packing, talk openly about the areas where you may be out of sync, advises Marybeth Bond, author of 11 travel books and blogger at Here’s how to head off potential conflicts so you’ll come home with your friendship intact — and a Facebook page full of memories!

1. Settle money issues upfront.
Don’t book your hotel rooms or tour package until you have a firm commitment from the other family, along with their half of the deposit. (Make sure everybody understands that the deposit is nonrefundable.) “Nothing will fracture a friendship faster than if you book the reservation and make all the plans, only to have them back out,” says Bond.

2. Plan a meal strategy.

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