How to Look Good Naked!

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

How to Look Good Naked!

“Your boobs look terrible!”
What a way to start your morning, right? Hearing those words, especially when you’re one of the most amazing casting directors in Hollywood.

Well, Katy Wallin , President/CEO of Mystic Art Pictures and casting director of How to Look Good Naked, wants to let all women out there know there are good days and bad days for all of us.
The boobs comment came from “six different guys I was interviewing for the host position of the show,” explains Katy. “And they were right. It’s amazing how something as simple as a good bra can help you look and feel better.”
This mother, casting director, producer, and wife of The Topaz Man (I’ll get to that in a minute) tells HMC why How to Look Good Naked is such a hit.
“It’s a genuine journey and it’s about embracing yourself.” She adds, “We don’t do things like extreme makeovers, but you get an accurate depiction of yourself, not what you think you look like or should look like, but who you really are.”
Katy reports she gets hundreds of submissions a week and 1000 emails a day of women telling me their stories of how the show has helped them. “I want to teach each of these women that they should capitalize on who they are.”
With over half of the women in the US unhappy with their bodies, it’s a big order to fill, but Katy’s hoping that Naked will start a trend of more self-assurance and self-acceptance in the female population.

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