6 Ways to Handle Social Media Mom-Shamers

I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again: I have quite the love/hate relationship with social media. I really loved it a few years ago, when it gave everyone an outlet and opportunity to stay in touch with friends both near and far. Plus, it was still relatively new and exciting and for the most part, fun.

These days social media just isn’t the same. Many people use it for business purposes. And it’s very calculating. Someone once told me that a lot of Instagram feeds look like highlight reels as a lot of people tend to show the good while keeping out the bad and the downright ugly.

And here’s perhaps the worst part about social media: online trolls and shamers. It almost seems like someone always has to say something about what you’re wearing, where you are going, or what you’re even feeding your family. And the problem seems to be getting worse and not better, especially with online mommy shamers. Because according to them, you’re doing everything wrong! Well, most of us have had enough.

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Here are 6 ways you can handle social media mom shamers.

1. Ignore the Shamers

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First and foremost, ignore them. I sometimes deactivate my social media accounts because it can become too much to handle. And when I reactivate them, often times I realize that I really haven’t missed much. Social media might be fun, but it shouldn’t be a necessary part of your life, either.

2. Remain Cool, Calm and Kind

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In other words, stay kind. It’s hard for a shamer to respond to someone’s kindness. Don’t get into a virtual fight with someone that you don’t know. Instead of calling the person a douche nozzle, write something that goes along with, “Thank you for your response,” along with, “Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and comment!”

3. Speak Up

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Don’t be another bystander. Say something to the person doing the shaming. The person on the receiving end may not be able to or want to speak up. However, most people are grateful when someone else steps in. So try to say what you would want to say if you were in their shows.

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