Here Are 6 Tried-And-Tested Ways to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

4. Diet

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And if you don’t feel like doing any kind of presses whatsoever (other than pressing the “strong” button on your Keurig machine for your morning coffee everyday), then there’s this: your diet. The best way to burn fat of course is to reduce your calorie intake. Now, don’t expect any overnight miracles, but you should at least drink plenty of water throughout your day, eat smaller meals more frequently, and of course have a substantial breakfast.

And cut the sugar! I know the chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is very tempting over the summer, but sweetheart, those numbers on the scale aren’t going to shift themselves. In fact, a lot of health professionals say that diet is definitely more important than exercise. Without the proper fuel in your body, there’s no way you’ll be able to run a mile or heck hold a dumbbell for very long.

5. Do Housework

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I know, this sounds like a given but actually doing an hour’s work of house cleaning can burn a lot of calories and help build some muscle. I mean think about it: you’re most likely to move furniture, reach in high or deep places, vacuum, mop, sweep and so much more. And you repeat the steps and motions without even thinking about it. It’s like going to the gym without leaving the comfort of your home (and not only do you get to work out, but your living room is sparkling clean afterwards, too!). That’s what I call multi-tasking right here.

6. Have a baby

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And no, I’m not kidding you either. When both of my children were toddlers I swear to you that I had the best arms I’ve ever had in my life. That’s because I was constantly carrying my babies in my arms. And let me tell you, I had some chunky babies. Even to this day my 7-year-old still asks me to carry him upstairs after a long day of school and sports. And using your baby to build your biceps is super easy. All you need to do is lift up, lift down. Lift up again and lift down. And repeat until your arms look like Michelle Obama’s. I told you it would be easy, right?

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