How to Ace your Special Occasion Updo!

Getting the perfect hair style for any special occasion can be a tricky art.  There is a lot to take into consideration such as what style to go with and what style will be most fitting for your “look.”  For this one-shot deal, you don’t want to get it wrong!  Below, Latrice Strader, master hair stylist & owner of Washington D.C. based salon and spa, Destiny De’ve knows how stressful an up do appointment can be, and offers a few simple tips to make sure your up do’s don’t turn into do up don’ts!

Down and Dirty: There is some prep work that you should be aware of before getting your up do.  You may want to be fresh and clean when you go to the salon, but try to resist the urge to wash your hair the day of your up do.  “Hair that’s a day or two old is easier to work with,” says Latrice.  “When hair is too soft, it doesn’t hold curls or tease as well.”   When planning for a glam hair style, forget the rule “lather, rinse and repeat!”

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